ILEditor is the IDE for the next generation of development for ILE applications on IBM i. ILEditor will support development with any ILE language, be it CL, RPG, COBOL, C and C++. Error listing and syntax highlighting is available for all ILE languages.


  • Inline Error Listing

    After you compile an object, you are able to get a pretty compile listing right within the interface. Each error is clickable, in which it will take you to where the error is located.

  • Source Member editing

    Browse, view and edit source members inline with all the tools available. Not just source members either - there is an IFS Browser and streamfile editor too!

  • So much more..

    Multiple system configurations, syntax highlighting, maintaining source locally, spool file listing, object diagrams, plus a lot more.


  • sub-2 second compile times
  • 4 contributors
  • 800+ users
  • 450+ commits

While ILEditor is open-source, it is actively developed. We would like to maintain active communication between the developers and the users so we know what makes ILEditor great and how we can improve on it in the future. Most of the existing functionality has come out of user requests. We also maintain a mailing list so we can send out important notices to our users.


ILEditor is free and is available for Windows, under the .NET Framework.